We are living in crucial time in our existence. A turning point between a past guided by human passion of our flawed ego and a present-future guided by our divine consciousness, our inner Christ in expansion! We are all expressions of the divine creation, even not remembering it clearly, as we will ever keep searching and discovering our true self.

Life after life and centuries after centuries we have been breaking free from the ties that our own consciousness has created and remaking our lives. Lives that have been intermingled with the stories of other lives along history. And knowing that even being intermingled with other lives we are individuals fully responsible for our choices and destiny. And above all, for us to keep walking on the path of truth we have a lighthouse that help to guide us through many reincarnations and in-between life periods. This lighthouse is the light coming from the representation of the Christic Dimension through the human Jesus Christ who taught us a way to evolve based on self-knowledge, courage and love.

Therefore, we are voyagers of a journey in search of our wholeness, in other words, in search of our happiness, which only can be achieved if shared with others. Because we are part of a whole, a part of the Divine, having the same essence and cosmic origin! This is the call for the ones who desire going through the same path, growing, enlightening and sharing the gifts and grace with others. Sharing our light with our physical or ethereal siblings and building the New Age, The Age of Liberty and the so called Kingdom of Haven.

Together for eternity,

Intermingling lives,

Among dimensions…

Among siblings…

In a non-stop life restart.


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